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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Kevin R. McCarthy of Smilodon's Retreat is an Ignorant Moron

Kevin doesn't understand the Galileo affair. He doesn't understand that the accepted SCIENCE of the day was geocentrism- the earth is in the center and the sun revolves around it. He doesn't understand that the SCIENTISTS of the day convinced the Church that the SCIENCE supported their interpretation of the Bible. Kevin is an ignorant moron.

He is also confused about creationists- they do not deny evolution, Kevin. The debate is not about evolution but the extent evolutionary processes can change a population. And if your position had some science creationists couldn't deny it.

Climate change- the climate has always been changing. That is what it does regardless of us.

Read Kevin's whiny post - Science vs money...

Evolutionists have all the resources, ie money, and they still have nothing. Climate change has governments behind it- plenty of money- yet still cannot explain the 18 year pause.


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