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Friday, July 24, 2015

The Difference Between Selection and Elimination

From "What Evolution Is" page 117:
What Darwin called natural selection is actually a process of elimination.
Page 118:
Do selection and elimination differ in their evolutionary consequences? This question never seems to have been raised in the evolutionary literature. A process of selection would have a concrete objective, the determination of the “best” or “fittest” phenotype. Only a relatively few individuals in a given generation would qualify and survive the selection procedure. That small sample would be only to be able to preserve only a small amount of the whole variance of the parent population. Such survival selection would be highly restrained.
By contrast, mere elimination of the less fit might permit the survival of a rather large number of individuals because they have no obvious deficiencies in fitness. Such a large sample would provide, for instance, the needed material for the exercise of sexual selection. This also explains why survival is so uneven from season to season. The percentage of the less fit would depend on the severity of each year’s environmental conditions.
Artificial selection = the selection definition whereas natural selection = the elimination definition. The difference is huge, as Mayr describes. Natural selection could NEVER produce the different breeds of dogs. However remove humans and natural selection will get rid of those breeds.

It appears that evos are too dim to grasp any of that.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

One True Scientific Definition of Natural Selection

Ernst Mayr, one of the architects of the modern synthesis defined natural selection, ie as a process of elimination. keiths says that means if there isn't any death then there isn't any selection even though there can be differences in allele frequency. For example if there were two alleles occurring at equal frequency and that shifted to 90% to 10%, there wouldn't be due to natural selection. And that has keiths all upset.

However there is elimination going on via differential reproduction. If the allele that fell to 10% was caused by the lack of reproductive success or failure to match the other allele's success, that still counts as elimination.

It would be only if a population reached Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium that there wouldn't be any natural selection.

Also keiths is a dishonest prick for making up shit about an argument I never made and calling me wrong. What a total lowlife he is. He is just upset because I understand evolution 10x better than he does,

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Equivocation and Evolution

 It's that time again.
Main Entry: equiv·o·cate
Pronunciation: i-'kwi-v&-"kAt
Function: intransitive verb
Inflected Form(s): -cat·ed; -cat·ing
1 : to use equivocal language especially with intent to deceive
2 : to avoid committing oneself in what one says

Evolution has several meanings:
1. Change over time; history of nature; any sequence of events in nature

2. Changes in the frequencies of alleles in the gene pool of a population

3. Limited common descent: the idea that particular groups of organisms have descended from a common ancestor.

4. The mechanisms responsible for the change required to produce limited descent with modification, chiefly natural selection acting on random variations or mutations.

5. Universal common descent: the idea that all organisms have descended from a single common ancestor.

6. “Blind watchmaker” thesis: the idea that all organisms have descended from common ancestors solely through an unguided, unintelligent, purposeless, material processes such as natural selection acting on random variations or mutations; that the mechanisms of natural selection, random variation and mutation, and perhaps other similarly naturalistic mechanisms, are completely sufficient to account for the appearance of design in living organisms.
The equivocation comes from using evidence for 1-3 as evidence for 4-6. It also comes in the form of saying that there isn't any difference between artificial and natural selection even though natural selection could never produce the different breeds of dogs. However absent our hand natural selection could and would turn all dog breeds into populations of very similar mutts.

We observe anti-biotic resistance therefor natural selection did it. We observe different bacterial flagella therefor natural selection did it. We observe complex adaptations therefor natural selection did it.

AVIDA is an instantiation of evolution 1-3 therefor natural selection produced IC.

Evolutionary and genetic algorithms utilize goal-oriented targeted searches therefor natural selection did it, even though natural selection isn't goal oriented and could never find the target.

All. Bullshit. Equivocations. If it wasn't for equivocation evolutionists wouldn't have anything to say. And they equivocate because they are willfully ignorant of the fact that ID is NOT anti-evolution as ID argues solely against definition #6.

Right on que dumbass petrushka chimes in:

They were designed to do that. I have no idea why you think design and evolution are mutually exclusive.
They are not exclusive. In fact there is no possible evidence to disprove design. Every imaginable scenario is compatible with design.
The question is not whether design can be excluded; it is whether evolution is sufficient. AVIDA does not answer that, but it demonstrates that complex functionality can evolve.
1- We have said exactly what would falsify design. And no, not every imaginable scenario is compatible with design. Not all rocks are artifacts and not all deaths are murders. Grow up, dumbass.
2- Complex functionality evolved BY DESIGN, dumbass

How Evolution Can Produce Irreducible Complexity and Complex Adaptations

Intelligent Design is NOT anti-evolution. That means that irreducible complexity can evolve if it was designed to do so. We see that with evolutionary and genetic algorithms, which exemplify intelligent design evolution, ie evolution by design.

Only morons on an agenda think that ID is anti-evolution and that all evolution is evidence for natural selection and/ or drift. They are the sad equivocators.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Elizabeth Liddle is Willfully Ignorant

The entertainment is never-ending. Now lizzie spews:
I’ve yet to see an ID proponent actually grapple with the implications of AVIDA for the Irreducible Complexity argument.
Winston Ewert has. I have. John Sanford has. Obviously you are just a willfully ignorant old hag.

I will sum it up for you- AVIDA does nothing to the irreducible complexity argument. And if you understood AVIDA and the argument you would have known that. Too bad your desperation has blinded you.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Elizabeth Liddle- LIAR Extraordinaire- or Just Totally Clueless

Dumbass Lizzie is at it again, spewing her already refuted nonsense about AVIDA. Lizzie writes:

  • Irreducibly complex functions evolve, where IC is defined as “if you take something away, it breaks”
  • Functions evolve via Irreducibly Complex pathways, i.e. pathways in which there are several neutral, or even quite steeply deleterious steps.
  • The more complex functions do not evolve without selection.
  • All the functions evolve via at least some neutral steps
  • There are many pathways to each function
  • Not all the functions are achieved in the same way.
Irreducible complexity (IC) is an argument against natural selection, drift and all purely materialistic processes. IC can evolve if it was designed to do so. Intelligent agencies produce IC structures one piece at a time all of the time.

When AVIDA's parameters are set such that they mimic the real world no new logic functions evolved- meaning IC doesn't evolve. AVIDA does not simulate/ mimic natural selection. It is not an instantiation of natural selection.

Asshole evoTARDs always oversell their claims by saying all evolution is natural selection and/ or drift.

Just to reiterate:

1- Avida "organisms" are far too simple to be considered anything like a biological organism

2- Avida organisms "evolve" via unreasonable parameters:

The effects of low-impact mutations in digital organisms

Chase W. Nelson and John C. Sanford, Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling, 2011, 8:9 | doi:10.1186/1742-4682-8-9


Background: Avida is a computer program that performs evolution experiments with digital organisms. Previous work has used the program to study the evolutionary origin of complex features, namely logic operations, but has consistently used extremely large mutational fitness effects. The present study uses Avida to better understand the role of low-impact mutations in evolution.


When mutational fitness effects were approximately 0.075 or less, no new logic operations evolved, and those that had previously evolved were lost. When fitness effects were approximately 0.2, only half of the operations evolved, reflecting a threshold for selection breakdown. In contrast, when Avida's default fitness effects were used, all operations routinely evolved to high frequencies and fitness increased by an average of 20 million in only 10,000 generations.


Avidian organisms evolve new logic operations only when mutations producing them are assigned high-impact fitness effects. Furthermore, purifying selection cannot protect operations with low-impact benefits from mutational deterioration. These results suggest that selection breaks down for low-impact mutations below a certain fitness effect, the selection threshold. Experiments using biologically relevant parameter settings show the tendency for increasing genetic load to lead to loss of biological functionality. An understanding of such genetic deterioration is relevant to human disease, and may be applicable to the control of pathogens by use of lethal mutagenesis.

You lose Lizzie, as usual. BTW, moron, reproduction is STILL the very thing that needs to be explained.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Compost to Produce Electricty

Finally a project worth trying- electricity produced from compost. The theory is that since composting releases gases then these gases can be contained such that pressure builds up inside of a chamber. This pressure supplies an electric air-pump that turns an alternator, which produces the electricity.

The air-pump requires an external supply to get started.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Marriage is NOT a Right

Marriage is not a right. It is not covered under the US Constitution and that means SCOTUS overstepped their bounds. What SCOTUS did was open up marriage to polygamy, same family (brother and sister, father and daughter, mother and son, etc) and even adult and child marriages because the reasoning of the majority allows for such. There will come a day when someone argues for different species marriages.

And the sad part is we have gay people proudly ranting that they did this to destroy the institution of marriage.