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Monday, May 25, 2015

Neil Rickert Chokes Again

The more I read Neil Rickert the more it becomes obvious the guy is a miserable ignoramus. Neils spews a load of bullshit:

The trouble with the design argument, is that it is based on misunderstanding biology. The ID proponents repeatedly describe evolution as unguided random chance. But there is a lot of internal guidance within biology, so there is a lot of self-design. A developing organism is designing itself during that development period. The DNA is not an exact specification of how the organism should develop.
Fuck you Neil. We understand biology better than you ever will. Evos say evolution is unguided random chance. Sure they say that natural selection is non-random but it is only non-random in the sense that not all variations have the same probability of being eliminated. All mutations are still accidents, errors and/ or mistakes. It is all just contingent serendipity. There isn't any self-design, either. Neil just made that up because he is clueless. The DNA is not a specification of how the organism will develop.
Origin of life, I’ll grant as unexplained at present. But, once life originates, evolution is itself a design process. The ID people deny this, because to admit it would be to debunk most of their argument.
Only Intelligent Design Evolution can design. Natural selection and drift cannot design anything as they are impotent. Evidence, Neil- all of your spewage is evidence-free.

The reason why evolutionists exist is because they are all ignorant of science and even more so about ID.


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