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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Elizabeth Liddle is Proudly Ignorant

Lizzie should stick to neuroscience if she is any good at it. She sucks at understanding biology. Lizzie spewed this bit of trope:
The DNA-mRNA-tRNA-amino acid mapping is physical.
WRONG! The genetic code is ARBITRARY, Lizzie. That means there isn't any physical mapping.

A physical mapping would have the codons transforming into the amino acids, but they do not. Codons REPRESENT amino acids.

It is amazing the things tat evoTARDs spew to try to defend their position. Lizzie Liddle is a master of lies and misrepresentations when it comes to "defending" her position. Lizzie goes on to spew:
No evolutionist disputes that evolution is capable of producing “semiosis” otherwise they wouldn’t claim that it produced human beings.
LoL! EVIDENCE- those evolutionists don't have any evidence that unguided evolution can produce  semiosis nor humans. They don't even know what makes a human a human. She then throws in a strawman for good measure:
I still come back to my point that if a Designer was involved in tinkering around with nucleotides, then that Designer was exerting force on molecules that opposed the forces we know about. 
ID doesn't say anything about the Designer tinkering around with nucleotides. Obviously Lizzie has other issues and should seek help.


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