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Monday, May 25, 2015

Climate Change- New Paper Says Most of the Change has been Natural

The 19th century saw an end to the little ice age. That means the earth has been getting warmer, thankfully. A warm earth is better than a cold earth.

An Estimate of The Centennial Variability of Global Temperatures:

“There has been widespread investigation of the drivers of changes in global temperatures. However, there has been remarkably little consideration of the magnitude of the changes to be expected over a period of a few decades or even a century. To address this question, the Holocene records from several ice cores up to 8000 years before present were examined. The differences in temperatures between all records which are approximately a century apart were determined, after any trends in the data had been removed. The differences were close to normally distributed. The average standard deviation of temperature over a century was 0.98 ± 0.27 oC.
This suggests that while some portion of the temperature change observed in the 20th century was probably caused by greenhouse gases, there is a strong likelihood that the major portion was due to natural variations. “
Thanks to CO2 the earth is greener now than back in the 19th century. Greener is better, too.

Water vapor is by far the dominant greenhouse gas. And soot on snow causes it to melt even when the ambient temperature is below freezing.


  • At 8:48 PM, Blogger Eugen said…

    But what about Al Gore? He doesn't have to save the planet? :)

  • At 10:13 AM, Blogger Joe G said…

    Al is busy dumping more and more CO2 into the atmosphere by traveling around all the time.


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