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Thursday, May 28, 2015

An Open Letter to Casey Luskin

Earth to Casey Luskin- In a recent ENV post you stated:
Simply put, Darwinian evolution is a scientific theory and there's nothing illegal in teaching about a scientific theory (however scientifically flawed) in public schools.
Darwinian evolution is not a scientific theory- I bet you cannot reference a scientific theory of evolution. In the Prologue of "Why is a Fly Not a Horse?", geneticist Giuseppe Sermonti goes over that very thing. Your Discovery Institute Press published the book so perhaps you should familiarize yourself with it.

Teaching evolutionism in schools promotes atheism- it is an atheistic agenda that drives it. That makes it in violation of the FIRST amendment. (I did it again)

You then go on and talk about other Court cases. In one case you talked about knowledge. Yet filling kids' heads with hubris is the antithesis of knowledge. Teaching lies is never a good thing.

You also said:
The court made very clear that evolution is not a religious concept: "'Evolution' and 'evolutionism' define a biological concept: higher life forms evolve from lower ones. 
That "biological concept" is untestable and therefor not scientific. That means it doesn't add knowledge as it isn't based on knowledge

So it looks like we have had some very wimpy attempts at getting the Courts to see the light  wrt evolutionism. Strange that Casey can't see that but only sees them as failures.


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