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Friday, December 26, 2014

Free will- To choose or not to choose, is that the question?

I have been reading and watching people who say the there isn't any free will and/ or that free will is an illusion. Their argument appears contrived and it doesn't follow from what they say. And to me it's as if someone is making a big fuss out of nothing. So from the beginning we see:

 Wikipedia has:
Free will is the ability of agents to make choices unimpeded by certain prevailing factors.
The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy has:
“Free Will” is a philosophical term of art for a particular sort of capacity of rational agents to choose a course of action from among various alternatives.
 If that is what they are talking about then it seems obvious to me that, free will, if you can deny it exists, you have it.


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Atheists Celebrating Christmas- How Hypocritical Can One Get?

This is a subject that has always bothered me- atheists who celebrate Christmas. What the fuck is that?

"Oh no, Joe, we ain't gonna let a celebration go by!" Well celebrate Chanukah or Ramadan or something else- why just Christmas?

Atheists should be saying "bah humbug" to Christmas. So please stop being hypocritical assholes by celebrating Christmas when the rest of the year you argue against the existence of Jesus.

You are pathetic examples of humanity.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Real EleP(T|H)ant in the Room

It is unbelievable that ID's opponents are so dim that they don't understand the meaning of P(T|H) in Dembski's "Specification" formula. That is they don't understand that theirs is the position defined by H and that means they have to provide it. The reason ID's claims remain unfalsified is because our opponents have been unable to provide experimental evidence to support the claims of evolutionism so all they have are  probabilities to try to support them and yet cannot provide any.

Again, theirs is the position which claims to have an undirected step-by-step mechanism that produced the diversity of life. That means they have to either produce those steps, or some reasonable facsimile thereof, OR provide the proper probabilities of those steps occurring. Yet they cannot do either and they want to try to put the onus on us.

Hence the real eleP(T|H)ant  in the room is our opponents' total inability to support their claims-> no evidence, no model, no probabilities. Just a prayer to Father Time, Mother Nature and some unknown mechanism.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Where and What Is the Alleged ID-refuting Research?

I am being lied to, again. I have been told that there is actual research that refutes ID's concepts but no one has been able to link to it. I am also told that there are labs working on blind watchmaker research and again no one can point to them nor what work is being done in the name of the blind watchmaker.

So here is your chance to point it all out- it would be great if you could start with testable hypotheses for the blind watchmaker thesis. Thanks.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Intelligent Design is Alive, Well and Still Going Strong

Ignorant evoTARDs are sure that ID is either dead or dying. However the only thing that will kill ID is for someone to actually step up and demonstrate that blind watchmaker-type processes can produce living organisms and the diversity of life observed- yet no one has come close to doing so. Quite the opposite has been occurring- meaning ID is better supported now than at any time in our history.

All of the following still stands:

1. High information content (or specified complexity) and irreducible complexity constitute strong indicators or hallmarks of (past) intelligent design.

2. Biological systems have a high information content (or specified complexity) and utilize subsystems that manifest irreducible complexity.

3. Naturalistic mechanisms or undirected causes do not suffice to explain the origin of information (specified complexity) or irreducible complexity.

4. Therefore, intelligent design constitutes the best explanations for the origin of information and irreducible complexity in biological systems.

And that alone means that the demise of Intelligent Design exists only in the minds of the willfully ignorant. Well that plus the fact that the opposition doesn't have any entailments!

Sure evoTARDs can baldly declare that ID is dead but that is all they do- baldly declare shit. That is the cowardly way...

Monday, December 01, 2014

No Global Warming for 17 Years!

That's right, besides the blip in 1998 due to a strong El Niño, global warming has stopped even though CO2 has been steadily increasing. Just take a looksie at the NOAA Global temps from 1880-now. We are only .74 degrees C above some arbitrary norm and if you look from 1997 until 2014 there isn't any indication of any thermal runaway and the trend is flat. Using 1997 as a bench mark there were only 5 years that were warmer, with the warmest being 0.1 degree C. 12 years were cooler.

Heck look back to 1977 and 2014 is only .66 degrees C warmer than 27 years ago and 1992 is the same as 1977! The difference between 1997 and 2014 is a mere 0.1 degree C. 

Greenhouse gases do not warm the earth they just keep the atmosphere warmer longer- think the desert effect in which it is hot during the day yet very cool at night because there isn't enough water vapor to help keep the atmosphere warm. IOW it seems that greenhouse gases just allow for warmer nights, which is a good thing for agriculture.

Greenhouse gases do not amplify the heat they absorb. That means they do not heat the earth. They just allow the heat to not escape as fast as it would without them so that the earth says warmer during the night.