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Monday, November 10, 2014

RichardTHughes, Proud to be an Ignorant Asshole

Richie is so fucking stupid and dishonest it boggles the mind. Richie thinks that just because the design inference- all design inferences- rely on eliminating necessity and chance that means that it is impossible for them to show CSI arising by necessity and chance. What a cowardly moron.

To make his case Richie links to Dembski's 2005 paper on "Specification". A quick look and there isn't any mention of CSI in the paper. Not once. The paper isn't even about calculating to see if CSI is present.

Read Richie's ignorant spewage for yourself

CSI exists regardless of what produced it. It is just that every time we have observed CSI and knew the cause it was always an intelligent agency that produced it. We have never seen nature producing CSI. That has always been Dembski's point. And there isn't anything in Dembski's writings that tells us what Richie sez:

So Barry wanted a demonstration of CSI being made by natural forces, whilst Dembski defines CSI as only to be ‘counted’ in the absence of them.

Richie only sez that because he is an ignorant whiner who thinks his ignorance and whining mean something.

Richie goes on to spew:
The general trend at UD is for the IDists to tell us what they think evolution can’t do rather than what ID can do.

Not quite but even if so then all you would have to do is demonstrate that unguided evolution can do what ID says it cannot. Yet you can't so you whine and cry.

Richie Hughes is cry-baby loser


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