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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Joe Felsenstein- Still Confused

Now Joe sez:

But Dembski did define CSI as only present when the specified complexity could not be produced by “chance” (normal evolutionary processes).

Where and when, Joe? In "No Free Lunch" he doesn't say that. He says that he has proven that necessity and chance cannot produce CSI. That means if someone can demonstrate necessity and chance producing CSI Dembski's proof fails.

There isn't anything in the definition of CSI that says what Felsenstein claims. And it is very telling that neither he, nor anyone else can support that claim with a reference from Dembski making it. Saying he has proven that CSI cannot arise from necessity and chance is very different from defining CSI as such.

CSI exists regardless of how it was produced. Only evoTARDs cannot get that through their thick skulls.


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