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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

OMagain, Continues to Amuse

Arrogance and ignorance all in one:
The thing I don’t get is this. If they are right, and we are wrong about (insert your own topic here) then how come they are obsessing on us being wrong and not out there doing whatever it is they are right about in a superior way to how we could do it, being wrong and all?
You’d think that doing it right would be more in demand then in actually seems to be.
You don't seem to get anything. For one the obsession is due to the fact that your bullshit is being forced onto kids under the guise of science. Yours is a failed position that is useless for resolving anything. You don't seem to be able to do anything. You cannot tell us what makes an organism what it is nor can you provide us with any probabilities that your position demands.

OTOH IDists have said exactly what to look for if we want to find complex intelligent beings (the Drake equation doesn't come close).

And I bet if you would just hand over the keys to all the research facilities we would uncover more in a decade than you have been able to do since Darwin.


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