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Monday, September 08, 2014

Kevin R. McCarthy (D-Texas) Proudly Ignorant

Evolutionists are proud to be ignorant and proud to be liars. Well they have to le because they sure as hell don't have any evidence to support the claims of evolutionism. And they also lie about their opponents.

Case in point Kevin R. McCarthy from Round Rock, Texas. In a recent post Kevin talks about Carl Von Linne (Carolus Linnaeus) and the species concept. The funny part is he doesn't understand that Linne was a Creationist searching for the Created Kind when he came up with hos classification concept. Linne also understood that speciation occurs which means that Creationists have accepted speciation for over 200 years! Kevin is obviously too stupid to understand that.

Kevin seems to think that speciation is an issue for Creationists which means Kevin is ignorant of what Creation states even though he sez that he has been in this debate for over 15 years. How the heck can someone be that ignorant of his opponents' positions? (yeah I know Kevin will say the same thing about us yet we can support and have supported our claims wrt evolutionism- IOW Kevin is also ignorant of mainstream evolution).

BTW Kevin Creationists have said where all the species came from so it isn't a "quandary" for them.

That said evolutionism doesn't have a mechanism capable of getting beyond prokaryotes, which is what evolutionism is given as a starting point. Now THAT is a quandary! But Kevin will never admit to it. Heck Kevin is so foolish that he really believes that macro-evolution is just a continuation of micro-evolution! Too bad he doesn't have a way to test that claim. Not only that there aren't any known instances of micro-evolution that can be extrapolated into macro-evolution.

But anyway, Kevin is an ignorant asshole who doesn't understand that for over 200 years educated Creationists have understood that change was OK and so is speciation.


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