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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Jeffrey Shallitt- So Cowardly and Ignorant it Hurts

Shallitt has become a little whiny baby. Well perhaps he has always been a little whiny baby, I don't know. He attacks ID as if his position has all of the answers and all of the science. However it is obvious that he has neither. He and his puke pal, Elsberry, had issued a "challenge" to IDists. Yet these ignorant assholes cannot even muster the courage to try to support their position!

Rigorous mathematical definitions? Not with materialism and evolutionism- nothing is rigorous.

Providing real evidence that natural selection can produce design? Nothing, ever.

Apply materialistic methodology to biology? There isn't any such methodology.

And no Jeffrey, IDists do NOT say that the opposite of random is design. So Jeffrey cannot produce the science that supports the claims of his position and he is forced to lie and misrepresent ID and IDists.

Nice job, asshole.


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