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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Forced Ambiguity and Cherry Picking, Evolutionism in a Nutshell

Evolutionism, AKA unguided/ blind watchmaker evolution and/ or the alleged theory of evolution, is the claim of descent with modification via natural selection, drift and/ or neutral evolution. It also alleges universal common descent via those mechanisms from some unknown population(s) of prokaryotic-like organisms. Unfortunately none of that can be tested, scientifically and that is why the forced ambiguity.

Evolutionism is rife with ambiguity because it cannot be tested. And that is also what makes it forced ambiguity.

Cherry picking- again that is all evolutionism has-> anti-biotic resistance, finches, peppered moths, all of which have no chance at explaining anything beyond slight variations which fit in nicely with baraminology.

The bottom line is the only support evolutionism has are the lies told by evolutionists.


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