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Friday, August 29, 2014

Evolutionism, 155 Years After Darwin is Still a Failure

In 1859 Darwin's "On the Origins of Species..." was first published. In it Darwin posited a mechanism by which design could be reached without a designer. That mechanism Darwin called "natural selection". However Darwin didn't have any evidence to support his claim of design without a designer. All he had was a concept for which he was hoping to find evidence for. Unfortunately he never did and neither has anyone else in the 155 years since the book was first published.

The lack of supporting evidence and the lack of science has not prevented evolutiuonism from being accepted by scientists and taught in schools around the world. And is given the fact that it has been pointed out again and again that evolutionism is a worthless concept that no one uses because it cannot be tested and cannot even be modeled. All issues that evolutionism has are hand-waved away by the evolutionists who are intent on saving evolutionism at all costs. This is not how science is supposed to proceed but then again evolutionists don't seem to understand nor care about science.They just want to push their pseudo-scientific nonsense on unsuspecting children so that they can hope to keep their bullshit alive.

So if someone tells you that evolutionism is science, or that natural selection has proven to produce design-like features, ask them for a model and evidence. Then sit back and watch the flailing begin.


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