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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Materialism and Science- Does Anyone use it?

Does anyone use materialism for anything? I doubt is because materialism is a failed philosophy. I would love to see any evidence that demonstrates scientists go into a lab and say "Matter, energy and what emerges from their interactions is all there is so I should see X." No, no one does that.

“Information is information, neither matter nor energy. Any materialism which disregards this, will not survive one day.” Norbert Weiner
Information cannot be reduced to matter, energy and what emerges from their interactions. I would love to see someone try to do that-> reduce information.

True materialists will say, without evidence, that our mind and thoughts emerge from the interactions in our physical brain. But as I said they cannot support that claim so it makes no difference to science. Materialists make many unsupportable claims. Yet they don't seem to realize that absent design all they have is sheer dumb luck, ie a bunch of improbable coincidences. And only morons think that is science. And only morons would use materialism as a scientific framework. That is why scientists don't use it.


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