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Friday, February 28, 2014

"Darwin's Doubt" Chapter 13- The Origin of Body Plans

What is there to say? Blind watchmaker evolution can't even get beyond their given prokaryotes. That means it cannot account for metazoans, ie body plans. It can't account for meiosis. And even given metazoans, with all of their regulatory networks, including transcription factors, and meiosis, blind watchmaker evolution can ponly break, deform and degrade what is given.

Experiments with fruit flies yield deformed fruit flies with no hope of evolving into something else.

However even that is irrelevant as Meyer was talking about the origin of body plans and not just the other enormus task of creating different body plans requiring new body parts. Meyer was just using examples of mutations deforming body plans to show what muations do, and it ain't constructing useful body plans.

So I don't understand why evoTARDs get so upset when their position is exposed as the scam it is. They have all the resources, labs and universities and yet they have nothing that demonstrates blind watchmaker evolution is up to the task. And that's supposed to be our fault.

Most of the problem seems to be the evoTARDs themselves, most don't even understand what evolutionism entails. And when they are told what it entails they deny it and throw hissy fits.


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