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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Alan "Chumley" Fox- Too Funny

When someone does something this stupid it has to be posted.

See it for yourself:

William J. Murray: Creationists are better at science than materialists and atheists (for the simple reason they do not exclude a potentially true set of causes).
Oh, come off it! Creation “science” is a futile search for something that might support their religious stance on issues such as a 6,000 year old Earth, a global flood (where did that water come from? And where did it go?),and everyone descending from the survivors on the ark. Talk about ruling stuff out!
Wm said Creationists are better at science and Alan just had to switch to YEC science, well a caricature of it anyway.

What's the point? In the preceding post Alan whined:

That you gave no example of ID critics’ dishonesty is a plain fact.

Yet he misrepresented what Wm aid with his very next post. Alan, the number of times ID critics and opponents have been honest is much, much smaller than the number of times they have been dishonest. And you are a prime example of that dishonesty. Don't blame me for pointing that out. You could change but you choose not to.

Newton was a Creationist. And if being a Creationist means a person can't be any better at science than Newton, I would wish that on everybody.

Just sayin'...


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