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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Mike Elzinga- EvoTARD with a Priceless EvoTARDgasm

From Wikipedia:
A code is a rule for converting a piece of information (for example, a letter, word, phrase, or gesture) into another form or representation (one sign into another sign), not necessarily of the same type.

Mike Elzinga- the famous spewer of water having a melting point- is now exposing his ignorance pertaining to codes:

What is the “code” for nucleosynthesis in stars and supernovae?

Can you write down the “code” for making a water molecule? How about benzene? How about urea? Amino acids?

What is the “code” for making a salt crystal? What is the “code” for making solid iron?

Where along the chain of complexity in condensed matter do “codes” take over from physics and chemistry?

This should not be a hard question; but we can’t seem to get an answer.


Earth to Mike Elzinga, the finga sniffa, what the fuck is wrong with you? Why is a code required for nucleosynthesis in stars and supernovae?

With the genetic code you have one molecule representing a totally different molecule-> NOTE, dumbass, the DNA molecule does not make up nor become the other molecule (polypeptide) that it encodes- no physical connection.

Hydrogen and oxgen BECOME H20-> a physical connection. With nucleosynthesis in stars and supernovae one type of atom becomes another type of atom- there is a physical connection.


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