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Thursday, June 07, 2012

KeithS- Another Clueless EvoTARD

KeithS is just another stupid eboTARD. This time he is exposing his hypocrisy:

If you’d like us to take your argument seriously, you’re going to have to show us that it can withstand critical scrutiny. So far, you haven’t done so.

Hey dumbass, YOUR position's claims cannot withstand scrutiny. Perhaps that is why the majority of Americans do not take it seriously.

Obvioulsy the semiotic argument for ID withstands scrutiny because you cannot step up and demonstrate that stochastic processes can produce the genetic code, nor genetics nor anything worth talking about.

Ypou ask Upright Biped to answer Reciprocating Bill's and Lizzie's questions- well RB is an imbecile who hasn't even demonstrated an understanding of what UB is saying and Lizzie is just clueless.


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