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Friday, June 08, 2012

Elizabeth Liddle- Just Another EvoTARD Equivocator

I don't know if evoTARDs are plain ignorant, stupid or just dishonest- they seem to think that everything with the word "evolution" means the blind watchmaker didit.

Earth to evoTARDs-> Intelligent Design is NOT anti-evolution, only dishonest morons think that it is. Heck even YEC accepts that allele frequencies change over time, ie evolution occurs.

What's the point? Well Lizzie Liddle sez:

And, for that matter, does that mean that if we could generate a code from no-code by means of evolutionary processes, he would concede?

No, dumbass. Equivocation never demonstrated anything beyond the ignorance of the equivcator. In this case that would be your ignorance, Liz.

That said, if you could demonstrate that the genetic code can arsie without agency involvement, then yes you would have refuted the argument that the genetic code requires a designer.

However you can't because you don't even know where to start- Allan Miller's scenario exists in his imagination only and is irrelevant to science.

Lizzie also sez:

So I am at a loss to know what your argument for ID actually is.

Just about the entire planet is at a loss to know what your argument for your position actyually is. You have a blog but apparently you are too much of a chicken-shit to use it to support your position.


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