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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kevin R. McCarthy Admits His Position is NOT Scientific

Strange thing is he doesn't realize it!

Let's look:

In his post What is Macroevolution? Kevin rightly states:
The critical point in both these definition is time. The simple reason is that we cannot see, in our lifetime a population evolving beyond the species level.

Throwing time around is NOT science. Time is NOT a cure-all. Time is NOT a do-all. When all you have is to throw time around you have left science behind.

In a new post Kevin sez:
Intelligent design supposes a designer because things ‘look’ designed.

That's not true but that isn't the point. Kevin goes on to say:
Homonid fossils do prove that evolution has occurred. It can easily be shown that certain changes to brain volume and various structures (hips, knees, jaw, etc) can be shown to change over time… therefore evolution.

IOW "it looks like they evolved"! Never mind that ID is OK with common ancestry but Kevin just demonstrated that his position is nothing but "it looks like evolution to me." Well I have already proven that a "transitional fossil" boils down to nothing more than "It looks like a transitional", so all his position has is time and "it looks like it to me".

Is THAT what passes for peer-review these days?

Is there ANY way to scientifically test the claims of evolutionists? I say absolutely not. But perhaps one will show up and explain how to test their position- it hasn't happened yet but maybe one evotard will grow a set and actually ante up.


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