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Friday, July 30, 2010

Nicholas J. Matzke is a Liar, Loser and Cry-Baby

Recently Nicholas J. Matzke wrote an article trying to make Intelligent Design and Creation the same thing.

He makes the connection because some or even most IDists think that the Designer was/ is "God".

By Nick's "logic" the theory of evolution is an atheistic theory because some/ most evolutionary scientists are atheists who say exactly that.

That isn't the only lie Nicky spews.

In another article he authored he sez:
As far as I know, despite all of us using Long et al. (2003) as a club with which to beat the helpless baby seal that is the ID “evolution can’t produce new genetic information!” argument, ...

Wrong Nicky.

The argument is that blind, undirected processes cannot produce information from scratch nor can those processes increase information.

IOW Nick you are a lying piece of shit.

Now please take me to Court and try to sue me for slander or libel.


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