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Saturday, May 05, 2007

T-URF13 and ID ignorance

Over on the Panda's Thumb one Arthur Hunt thinks he has destroyed IC. He says T-URF13 does exactly that. However there are some problems:

1) IC is not anti-evolution as Art and all the rest of the thumbies believe
2) T-URF13 is ONE component, IC is about multi-component systems
3) It leads to male sterility in maize- not exactly an evolutionary mechanism to be paraded around.

IOW Arthur Hunt is just another in a long line of ID ignorant imbeciles who thinks a strawman can refute ID.

You go Art!

[quote][b]IC[/b]- A system performing a given basic function is [I]irreducibly complex[/I] if it includes a set of well-matched, mutually interacting, non-arbitrarily individuated parts such that each part in the set is indispensable to maintaining the system’s basic, and therefore original, function. The set of these indispensable parts is known as the [I]irreducible core[/I] of the system. Page 285 NFL[/quote]

[quote][b]Numerous and Diverse Parts[/b] If the irreducible core of an IC system consists of one or only a few parts, there may be no insuperable obstacle to the Darwinian mechanism explaining how that system arose in one fell swoop. But as the number of indispensable well-fitted, mutually interacting,, non-arbitrarily individuated parts increases in number & diversity, there is no possibility of the Darwinian mechanism achieving that system in one fell swoop. Page 287[/quote]

T-URF13- one part. And it is the only part in Art's alleged IC system that allegedly arose via culled genetic accidents.

[quote][b]Minimal Complexity and Function[/b] Given an IC system with numerous & diverse parts in its core, the Darwinian mechanism must produce it gradually. But if the system needs to operate at a certain minimal level of function before it can be of any use to the organism & if to achieve that level of function it requires a certain minimal level of complexity already possessed by the irreducible core, the Darwinian mechanism has no functional intermediates to exploit. Page 287[/quote]


  • At 6:18 PM, Blogger Method said…

    T-urf13 is but one component in a seven component system. The T-urf13 must form a tetramer and then it must bind to the Tox1A and Tox1A gene products from the fungal pathogen. That's seven components in all where the removal of any one part removes the function of the ligand gated channel.

  • At 8:15 AM, Blogger Joe G said…

    Could be, but it still came about via artificial selection, not natural selection. And if T-URF13 is only one component then the person saying it is an example of stochastic processes producing IC must show how those other components arose via stochastic processes.

    Also it is detrimental- IOW it is not something that anyone would think that natural selection would keep- it doesn't do the organism any good.

    T-URF13 is a great example of what can gunk up a working system.


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