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Monday, January 01, 2007

Zachriel's original position on nested hierarchy and the theory of evolution

Seeing that Zachriel is choosing to try to change the past:

And just so that everyone is clear, the following was Zachriel's position before reality smacked him upside his head:

Zachriel said:
If life descended from a common ancestor, it would form a nested hierarchy pattern.

Then once reality smacked him upside his head he switched to (in the same thread):

The nested hierarchy doesn't necessarily apply to the evolution of eukaryotes, hence common descent may not be the appropriate model, but perhaps endosymbiosis .

However if NH doesn't apply to the evolution of eukaryotes- basically all life excluding prokaryotes and viruses (if you consider viruses as life)- then what does it apply to? Or did Zachriel not understand what a eukaryote refers to?

And he thinks he can lecture me? LoL!!!


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