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Thursday, March 28, 2024

A Scientific Theory of Evolution?


For many years people have been discussing whether evolution is a fact or a theory. Some people say that it is both. But is that true?

Evolution, as in a change of allele frequency over time, is definitely a fact. Heck, even young Earth Creationists accept speciation! Speciation is evolution.

However, there isn't any scientific theory of evolution that explains how the diversity of life arose. The main reason for that is because there are any naturalistic mechanisms capable of producing the diversity of life. A scientific theory of evolution is supposed to explain, scientifically, how the diversity of life arose. Yet, no one knows!

Any mechanisms pertaining to genetics cannot get the job done. Changes to genomes can only produce changes to proteins or how genes are regulated, at best. No one has ever demonstrated those changes can produce the transformations required to produce the diversity of life.

At best, evolution is a theory in a very general sense in that it has a narrative and no evidentiary support. The people pushing the claim of a scientific theory of evolution are scientifically illiterate and liars.


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