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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Intelligent Design: The ONLY Scientific Explanation for our Existence!


Alan Fox and the evoTARD minions can kiss my ass. They are too chickenshit to ante up and debate anyone on which side has the science and which side has the bullshit. That is because all they have is bullshit. They are the coward's cowards.

Alan Fox runs his mouth as if he is some sort of authority. Yet his posts prove that he is just another cowardly evoTARD. Helpless to do anything but bluff, equivocate and bloviate. That is why Alan had to ban me from TSZ- I kept exposing him as the ignorant ass that he is.

Living organisms are ruled by coded information processing systems. There isn't any evidence that nature can produce coded information processing systems. And there isn't even a way to test the claim that nature can. Christopher Hitchens said that we can dismiss such claims. As a matter of fact, Hitchens applies to just about all of the claims made by evolution by means of blind and mindless processes, such as natural selection and drift. There isn't any evidence to support them and there isn't even a way to test them. Science mandates the claims being made not only be testable but they must be tested! ID is the only venue that offers testability.


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