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Friday, December 03, 2021

Alan Fox: Stupid or Ignorant?


Alan Fox likes to pretend that is is some sort of authority. He may be but at what no one knows. On TSZ Charlie made a point. That point is correct. Alan responded with his ignorance:

A fruit fly will only grow a leg where its antenna should be if its genes have been interfered with.

That’s not really correct. The homeobox (hox) genes, via the protein switches they code for, are pivotal in embryological development.

Wrong again, Alan.  

What Charlie said is absolutely correct. HOX genes are still genes. And messing with those genes is what caused the leg to move where the antennae should be.

Alan also said:

You began as a fertilized ovum. Half your genes came from your biological father. Human sperm only contribute genes – nothing else. Yet there tends to be resemblance from father to child.

Yes, because genes influence TRAITS. And TRAITS are what allows one of the species to look like another. Only a fool would think that means DNA determines form.

Alan clearly has not read the paper "On the Problem of Biological Form". No one knows what determines biological form. But scientists know it cannot be DNA.


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