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Monday, December 20, 2021

16 Years since the Dover Fiasco and ID Still Offers the Only Scientific Explanation for our existence


16 years ago, a scientifically illiterate judge was fooled by lies and a literature bluff. This moron of a judge rules that ID is unscientific! Unfortunately, ID offers the only scientific explanation for our existence!

As Dr. Behe said in his response to judge jones: 

The Court’s reasoning in section E-4 is premised on: a cramped view of science; the conflation of intelligent design with creationism; an incapacity to distinguish the implications of a theory from the theory itself; a failure to differentiate evolution from Darwinism; and strawman arguments against ID. The Court has accepted the most tendentious and shopworn excuses for Darwinism with great charity and impatiently dismissed evidence-based arguments for design. 

All of that is regrettable, but in the end does not impact the realities of biology, which are not amenable to adjudication. On the day after the judge’s opinion, December 21, 2005, as before, the cell is run by amazingly complex, functional machinery that in any other context would immediately be recognized as designed. On December 21, 2005, as before, there are no non-design explanations for the molecular machinery of life, only wishful speculations and Just-So stories.

The 58 references for the alleged evolution immune system have been proven to be a bluff as not one of those 58 supported evolution by means of blind and mindless processes. That one was on the school board's defense. They should have objected and forced the plaintiff's attorney to prove his point. He would have choked.

It's a good thing the decision is only meaningful in one insignificant school district.


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