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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Mikkel Rumraket is a Pathological Liar


I would love to get Mikkel Rumraket in a formal debate for money. He is nothing but a pathological liar. For example, he spewed:

Btw the conclusion that ribosomes are the product of evolution isn’t speculation, there really is evidence for it.

LIAR! There isn't any evidence that blind and mindless processes, like natural selection or drift, can produce a ribosome. There isn't even a way to test the claim that blind and mindless processes can do it. So stuff it you pathetic lying bitch.

There isn't any way to test the claim of universal common descent, either. The claim is not scientific. There aren't any known naturalistic mechanisms capable of producing the anatomical nor physiological transformations required. You clearly live you in fantasy land.

And finally, there isn't any evidence for any RNA World. That is just another fantasy proposed by the desperate assholes who reject Intelligent Design.

Evos are pathetic. They spew shit on venues they know they won't be called on. Evos are nothing but liars and cowards.


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