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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Dissect This, Felsenstein!


Joe Felsenstein is another clueless evoTARD. He spews:

I think it is now clearer that having a blog where arguments against evolutionary biology can be dissected and have their faults discussed continues to be important.

 Dissect this- there isn't a mechanism capable of producing the diversity of life starting with populations of prokaryotes. And I am comforted by the fact that you will never refute that claim.

Why can't differential accumulations of genetic accidents, errors and mistakes do it? Because DNA doesn't determine biological form. DNA only determines if the biological form will develop properly or not. DNA doesn't control how proteins fold nor how they are assembled. DNA is basically inert and would only fall apart if it wasn't for an existing suite of proteins and systems. It is not the magical controller evoTARDs think.

The point is Joe Felsenstein and his ilk need to start doing science and actually support their asinine claims with it. Produce arguments for evolutionary biology. Something more than variations within a population, please. We know that you can't but you should at least try.


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