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Sunday, September 05, 2021

Kevin Middlebrook is Proud to be Ignorant


This guy should just shut up:

I am just waiting for KF to post an OP praising the recent Texas antiabortion law.

Umm, there isn't any such law, you freaking moron. Women can still get an abortion in Texas.

Why are liberals such liars and clueless freaks? 

The TARD continues:

It takes far less faith to believe that physics and chemistry are the best explanation and to conduct research accordingly than it does to believe in an all-knowing, all-powerful being who nobody has seen, who’s capabilities and limitations are unknown, who’s mechanisms for creation are unknown (and unpostulated),  who existed before the universe existed, who’s existence and mechanisms of action have never been observed and are untestable, and who created the universe specifically for the purpose of a species of animal that has only existed for  about 0.002% of the age of the universe.

That was in  response to my saying it takes more faith to believe in materialism or naturalism than any other religion requires.

From where did Kevin postulate physics and chemistry came from? The very laws of physics and chemistry are evidence for Intelligent Design. We know the capabilities of intelligent designers by what they left behind for us to examine. Duh. We would never think that the ancients were capable of building the Antikythera mechanism if we hadn't found it.

Telic processes are testable. They have been tested. They have been confirmed to exist.

And ID doesn't say that Earth is the only inhabited planet. ID doesn't say that humans were the first or only organism capable of scientific discovery. Kevin is just a strawman humping, ignorant coward. And proud of it.


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