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Monday, August 23, 2021

SteveStory Continues to Prove he is Clueless


Someone please by that shit for brains a vowel:

The whole publications thing got me thinking about how ID research compares to other orgs. In its 12 year history, Bio-Craplexity has published 25 “papers”. I looked up my favorite UF professor down the road, whose famous tomato lab I got some mater seeds from. Nope. too many. Harry Klee has like 295 pubs. Keep looking. Finally, I found it. At my last alma mater, the undergrads published 27 papers in one recent year. In real journals.

That’s how bad ID is at sciencing. The undergrads at a school ranked ~50 in the nation do over ten times more research, while also going to school.

 Again, the point is to be able to do SCIENTIFIC research and reach a design inference if it is warranted. Also there aren't any papers that support evolution by means of blind and mindless processes. Unless you count papers discussing genetic diseases and physical deformities.

So, SteveStory is not only clueless, he is also a cowardly equivocator and proud of it. That is why he is relegated to gossip and cheer-leading.

Harry Klee doesn't have any idea how blind and mindless processes produced plants. Those undergrads don't have a clue. And with that ten times more research they aren't any closer to solving that problem.

Evolutionary biologists are so pathetic they don't even know what determines biological form! The most basic question in biology remains unanswered. So what are all these blind watchmaker researchers doing? Where are all the publications showing that blind and mindless processes produced ATP synthase? How can the premise even be tested?

The point is stevestory is a bluffing loser. And that is also why he will never ante up and debate me on the science- ID vs evolutionism.


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