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Monday, October 05, 2020

Even Doctors can be Ignorant and Stupid


President Trump went for a ride in the Presidential SUV to greet his fans outside of the hospital.

Via Twitter, Dr. James P. Phillips, an attending physician at Walter Reed, said the president’s choice of conveyance presented its own problems.

“That presidential SUV is not only bulletproof, but hermetically sealed against chemical attack,” Phillips wrote. “The risk of COVID-19 transmission inside is as high as it gets outside of medical procedures. The irresponsibility is astounding.”

Phillips wrote in an earlier tweet that the agents in the car would now need to be quarantined for 14 days after having been put at risk of severe illness or death “for political theater.”\

 Umm, if the SUV is hermetically sealed then it is a given it has it's own filters, CO2 scrubbers and O2 supply. How long can people ride around in a car that is sealed and doesn't have that? Most likely the President's compartment has it's own air supply.

So the risk to the people outside of the Presidential compartment was very low to non-existent.


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