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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Is "Belligerent Coward" an Oxymoron? Not if you are an EvoTARD


EvoTARDs are such clueless gossips. Now they think that "belligerent coward" is an oxymoron. Yet it isn't. Allow me to explain what evoTARDs are too stupid to understand:

To be belligerent means you are hostile and aggressive. And that fits all evoTARDs. The coward part comes in when they are pushed back upon. Then they run from the science, facts and reality. Meaning they are all hostile and aggressive until reality slaps them upside their ugly faces. Then they run and hide behind their mommy's skirt.

I went to a site run by evoTARDs and challenged them to a debate on the science- ID vs materialistic evolution. $10,000 was on the line. But like the cowards that they are, no one would accept my challenge. Yet they are all still hostile and aggressive. That's because they hide behind their mommies and their monitors. EvoTARDs are very brave in groups. That is when they are at their most belligerent. But even in their belligerence they are all still cowards because they refuse to answer the questions that prove their position is unscientific nonsense. Then they start becoming equivocating cowards. And then bluffing cowards. And all the while remaining belligerent.

Leave it to evoTARDs to be unable to understand words and how to put them together for more effect.


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