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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Why Science Can Consider Design Without Considering a Designer

Joshua Swamidass doesn't think this is possible, to consider design without considering a designer. However, without direct observation or designer input, that is how it has to be done.

We don't even consider a designer until AFTER design has been determined. And then all we have is the designed objects, structures and events to go by (and all relevant evidence).

How do we know the designer's capabilities? By what was left behind.

We would never have thought that the ancient peoples were capable of designing and producing the Antikythera mechanism if we hadn't found one. And no one would have believed the Mayans were capable of building their cities if we hadn't had the cities to examine.

Guess what? We still don't know who designed and made the Antikythera mechanism!

So yes, science not only can, but does, consider deign without considering the designer.


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