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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Peaceful Science- A Classic Case of Evolutionary Equivocation and Cluelessness

The things evolutionists accept as science is mind boggling. The things evolutionists remain willfully ignorant of is entertaining. Enter Dr. Behe and the irreducible complexity of any bacterial flagellum. With that in mind, I give you:

Please List Attempts to Explain Flagellum 

The first comment is from a known cowardly equivocator. The paper referenced is Stepwise formation of the bacterial flagellar system. Guess what they do NOT discuss? All this paper did was show  an ancient core set of 24 structural genes that were present in the common ancestor to all Bacteria, exists. They never get to how any flagellum is assembled. 

Next up is Nick Matzke's Evolution in (Brownian) space: a model for the origin of the bacterial flagellum. It wasn't even published in a peer-review bio journal. And reading it, you understand why. Imagination is not evidence and it isn't science. Homology is again just proclaimed. And how the flagellum is assembled. Not only that he relies on another IC structure- Type III secretion systems- to be readily handy. He has no idea if unguided/ blind watchmaker evolution can produce one. He has no idea how that would even come about.

These guys could take every gene needed, place them into bacteria that don't have the structures in question and see what happens. Why haven't they done that?

Are they really so gullible that they think flagella are self-assembling?

Not ONE of the papers referenced refers to blind and mindless processes. So using the criteria of Judge Jones, they FAIL to support evolution by means of blind and mindless processes.

They all discuss gene duplications. And given "waiting for TWO mutations" there isn't enough time in the universe for the number of specific duplications required. Never mind getting those duplicates under the control of a binding site.

But again, that is all moot because you need to get the proteins properly regulated, to the right location and them configure them properly. And on top of it all the new appendage needs to be controlled.

It's clear that evolutionists are cowardly equivocators and liars.


  • At 4:25 PM, Blogger Champion Debater said…

    "Imagination is not evidence and it isn't science"

    You provided no evidence that was the case. Present your evidence.

  • At 10:17 PM, Blogger Joe G said…

    That's the point. There isn't any evidence that blind and mindless processes can produce any bacterial flagellum.


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