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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Patrick Trischitta is a Willfully Ignorant Ass and Liar

I will just keep pounding Patrick until he leaves the internet or tries to sue me. I am OK with either of those although I really want him to try to sue me. That way I can get him in Court and prove to the world that he is a willfully ignorant ass who doesn't know jack about science.

Patrick says that there ain't no evidence for ID. And yet when the evidence has been presented all he can do is eat it and choke on it.

Patrick Trischitta is the worst type of human- willfully ignorant and damn proud of it. He is just one of many cowardly evos that have to hide behind moderation. If he ever shows up on a pro-ID discussion board he would be soundly beaten with the evidence and science that supports ID. However he is too chicken-shit to do that.


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