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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Joshua Swamidass is Full of Shit

Joshua has become willfully ignorant. In a new post, Why methodological naturalism , Joshua spews:
Rather, science is limited effort to explain the world on its own terms, without invoking God, His action, or intelligent design.
Total BULLSHIT! Science is limited by REALITY, only. And science requires that the claims being made have the ability to be tested and potentially fgalsified.

If the REALITY is God did it, then science is OK with it. Science does not care if God did it. Science is OK with God doing it. Science used to be seen as a way to understand God's Creation!

The ONLY thing "methodological naturalism" is good for is @ drunk checkpoints. Have them try to say it and then bust them when they can't.

Science only cares about the reality behind whatever is being investigated. Science cannot start out with a basic conclusion, ie nature did it.


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