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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Jerry Coyne is an Imbecile and a Liar!

Jerry Coyne has a blog post about recapitulation. The old discredited view from one Ernst Haeckel and others- see this stupidity on horses. At the end of the article Jerry brings up this image of a dolphin with hind FLIPPERs. Got that?!? Hind FLIPPERs. What does Jerry the ignorant ass have to say about that dolphin:
Similarly, sometimes the dolphin’s hind limbs don’t disappear and we get dolphins with little legs sticking out of its rear, like this one that I show in my “evidence for evolution” talk:
"Little legs"?! Are you a retard, Jerry? How desperate can you be to say that flippers are legs? How desperate do you have to be to rely on the discredited concept of recapitulation?

Of course Jerry never mentions then fact that unguided evolution can't produce eukaryotes, let alone meiosis and developmental biology.

Jerry Coyne, ignorant liar for evolutionism.


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