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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Joshua Swamidass- Proud to be an Ass

I would love to get Joshua in a debate just to watch him fall all over hisself. Just say anything:
So, we’ve tried ID for a while now, over 25 years. We know where it leads. I think it’s time to try something new.
LoL! Joshua doesn't even know what ID entails. He has no idea where it leads and he definitely doesn't have a viable scientific alternative.

Joshua thinks that Common Descent, ie universal common descent, is supported by science. However neither he nor anyone else has a mechanism capable of producing then transformations required! That means he is totally full of shit.

I would love to get Joshua in front of an audience and prove to them that he is a charlatan. I have never seen anyone so afraid of their faith as I have with the alleged theistic evos. These assholes are making a sham of Christianity. It's as if they think they can say and do whatever as long as they call themselves "Christian". And that is beyond pathetic.

Joshua and the rest of the anti-ID morons over on Peaceful Science do NOT understand ID at all. They are all pathetically willfully ignorant of the concept. And they are proud of it, too.

You are a sad little person, Joshua.


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