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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Joshua Swamidass is a Fool or a Liar

Joshua Swamidass is at it again. This time he wants IDists to prove a negative:

Where is the empirical evidence natural processes can’t produce 500 bits of FI in biological life?

There isn’t any evidence that they can. No one knows how to test such a thing. And Joshua’s “examples” just demonstrate sheer desperation or a complete misunderstanding of the argument.

Again, there isn’t any positive evidence nature, operating freely, can produce 500 bits of FI. So it would be up to the people who says it can to demonstrate such a thing.

What gpuccio is saying is based on everything we know about functional information. 100% of our observations and experiences say that functional information (500 bits) only comes via intelligent agency volition. And that nature always takes the line of least resistance. It is OK with producing rocks. Spiegelman’s Monster is also testimony to the fact that nature chooses the simplest way.

All that is moot as you can't even get simple replicators. But it proves that Swamidass does NOT understand science.


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