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Monday, April 08, 2019

Proof that Peaceful Science is a Joke

These morons can't even separate what an IDist says from ID. Read their discussion of an upcoming book - "The Return of the God Hypothesis" by Stephen Meyer.

It has NEVER been hidden that some or even most IDists think that the Intelligent Designer is the God of the Bible. NEVER. Those IDists have NEVER been candid that their conclusion of who is not based on the evidence and science, but on faith. The evidence and science supports the design inference but they all agree it is faith that led them to God.

If the universe is fine tuned for life, then why all of the arguments against abiogenesis?
Mainly because living organisms are not reducible to physics and chemistry.
Also, couldn’t God fine tune the universe so that evolution produces genetic information?
Pure ignorance. Why not have a genetic algorithm produce itself?

And again, ID is OK with evolution by design.

Dumbass Swamidass chimes in:
Actually I’m really curious now. If they give up on the anonymous designer, that would be new and a really good move for them. No one ever bought that gambit,
No, Josh, you are willfully ignorant. You have either not read anything by IDists or you didn't understand it. It is still too much of a leap to go from intelligent design exists to God did it.

You say you are interested in science and yet want ID to skip over that part. Clearly you are a loser on an agenda.

What about the people who choose ID for the fact it doesn't make the leap to the God of Abraham?

And why is it so difficult to understand that the God Hypothesis is a SUBSET of ID? Perhaps if you pull your head out of your ass you will be able to think.


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