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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

TJ Runyon is so Clueless he was FOOLed by Nick Matzke's ignorance

Evos are so clueless that they will believe ANYTHING as long as they think it either refutes ID or supports their position. Case in point over on Peaceful Science they were discussing co-option as an explanation for irreducible complexity. TJ Runyon posted a couple of tweets from Matzke discussing the role of gene duplications.

These people are totally clueless. Why? The peer-reviewed paper Waiting for TWO Mutations says there isn't enough time in the universe to A) duplicate a gene, B) build it a new binding site and C) alter the duplicate in such a way as to provide the differences observed between two allegedly homologous genes.

The other bit of ignorance is even given the right genes you still need the correct quantities of subunits. You still need to get all of the residues in the same place and at the right time. And you still need to have those residues configured properly.

The bottom line is there isn't any way to test the claim that any irreducible complex object arose via blind and mindless processes. So for all of their blah, blah, blah, they still don't have any science to support their bullshit.


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