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Monday, January 07, 2019

The "RNA World"- Bullshit at its Finest

The RNA world- this is the alleged world of the primitive earth- the RNA world. From the RNA world allegedly came living organisms. But there are MAJOR problems with this diatribe.

1- Nature doesn't produce replicating RNAs. Scientists have to design them in their labs.

2- Replicating RNAs don't even form in a lab without scientists directly designing them

3- Even when designed the RNAs tend towards the more simple and the fastest to replicate. This is known as "Spiegelman's Monster"- it is nature's way

4- There is no connection between replicating RNAs and the protein coding of DNA

5- There is no connection between replicating RNAs and the genetic code

The RNA world is the great hope of evoTARDs everywhere. And it is hilarious that they don't see why we say they have more faith than religious people.


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