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Saturday, January 26, 2019

T_Aquaticus is an Ignorant Ass

Peaceful Science is full of evoTARDs who will just say anything. Case in point an evoTARD that goes by T_Aquaticus who spewed the following bit of total bullshit:
If a species shared derived traits with both mammals and birds this would violate the predictions made by the theory of evolution, and by extension common descent.


1- There isn't any theory of evolution  that makes such a prediction

2- There isn't a scientific theory of evolution

3- If there was such a species evolutionism would easily accommodate it

4- There is NOTHING in evolution that says such a species cannot exist

Then dumbass Neil Rickert chimes in:
So they accuse evolutionists of hijacking the Linnaeus classification system.
That is a fact, dumbass.*
However, it was because Darwin was following the Linnaeus system, that the evidence for common descent became so obvious.
That is false. Darwin only tried to explain the pattern observed in Linnaean Classification. To do so he had to call upon well-timed extinctions to make the distinct groupings

“One would expect a priori that such a complete change of the philosophical bias of classification would result in a radical change of classification, but this was by no means the case. There was hardly and change in method before and after Darwin, except that "archetype" was replaced by the common ancestor.”-- Ernst Mayr 


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