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Friday, January 18, 2019

Prokaryotes from Eukaryotes- Problems with Endosymbiosis

This is a repost from 2006:

Can Evolution Make Things Less Complicated? :
Instead, the data suggest that eukaryote cells with all their bells and whistles are probably as ancient as bacteria and archaea, and may have even appeared first, with bacteria and archaea appearing later as stripped-down versions of eukaryotes, according to David Penny, a molecular biologist at Massey University in New Zealand.
Penny, who worked on the research with Chuck Kurland of Sweden's Lund University and Massey University's L.J. Collins, acknowledged that the results might come as a surprise.
“We do think there is a tendency to look at evolution as progressive,” he said. “We prefer to think of evolution as backwards, sideways, and occasionally forward.”
The problem for evos is that eukaryotes are far to complex and intricate to be their choice for first life.  And yet the evidence supports a euk-first scenario


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