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Friday, January 04, 2019

Patrick Trischitta is a Clueless Ass

Over on Peaceful Science they have an alleged scientist named Patrick Trischitta. The guy is completely clueless and will say anything in order to save his lame-ass position. Recently he spewed this bit of unscientific garbage:
Sure you can call the natural process when DNA “codes” how to create proteins but I don’t see any evidence of ID in it, just purely an evolved natural chemical process.
EVIDENCE Patrick- as in there isn't any that supports your trope. Lying is not a good thing for anyone but it is especially bad when a scientist lies about a science topic.

Patrick is just a question-begging loser evoTARD who couldn't support the shit he spews if his life depended on it.

And the sad part is no one on Peaceful Science knows any better


There still is no physical or chemical determination between the mRNA codon and the amino acid it represents. For example no one knows why the mRNA codon CAG represents the amino acid glutamine

There is a Nobel Prize waiting for the person who figures that out for table for genetic code- what determined what mRNA codon represented its respective amino acid?


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