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Tuesday, January 08, 2019

On Variant Evolutionary Ignorance

The Skeptical Zone, where you are allowed to be skeptical of anything but claims having to do with evolution by means of blind and mindless processes.

Allan Miller has a post up titled On Variant Genetic Codes. He refers to a discussion that included the likes of Richard Dawkins and Craig Venter. Richard was talking about "the universal genetic code" and Craig corrected him but Richard wasn't having any of that.

The point is he was using it as evidence for universal common descent and maybe Venter thinks there was more than one tree. I don't know and don't care as the important thing here is Dawkins doesn't have a mechanism capable of producing the genetic code. That should be considered a problem.

Allan Miller doesn't care about any alleged problem. Nature is more clever than we are- as the saying goes. He doesn't care if there is no way in the universe that blind and mindless processes could A) produce a code and B) all of the components required to carry it out in a biologically relevant way.

Then some dumbass named RodW chimes in and thinks that the variant codes somehow refutes ID! He is totally unaware that he still doesn't have anything that can produce ONE, let alone the variants.

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