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Sunday, January 20, 2019

John Harshman is Ignorant of Nested Hierarchies

It never fails. Once again an evoTARD is saying universal common descent predicts a nested hierarchy when in fact it does no such thing. Evolutionary biologist John Harshman is conflating a branching pattern with a nested hierarchy. He wrongly believes that a phylogenetic tree is a nested hierarchy.

AGAIN- phylogenetic trees depict hypothetical ancestor- descendent relationships in which each and every node is a hypothetical population. Each node in turn is a different level on the tree.

This is important as nested hierarchies require levels to consist of and contain, lower levels. However hypothetical ancestral populations do not consist of nor contain their descendants.

In a nested hierarchy we have the Animal Kingdom, which consists of and contains Phyla. Each Phylum, in turn, consists of and contains Classes. Each Class consists of and contains Orders. Each Order consists of and contains Families. Each Family consists of and contains Genera. And each Genus consists of an contains species.

Each category is distinct, without any overlapping. However with gradual evolution we would expect to see innumerable transitional forms which would blur the lines of distinction.

What Darwin did, unbeknownst to the evoTARDs of today, was EXPLAIN why we would observe the nested hierarchy that Linnaean Taxonomy presented. He never said it was the expected pattern.

John Harshman is an ignorant ass when it comes to nested hierarchies and evidence for universal Common Descent.

Peaceful Science is full of ignorant assholes and liars


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