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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Peaceful Science- Scientifically Illiterate Morons

Over on Peaceful Science they are actually arguing the claim that the genetic code is a real code. They don't seem to understand that the genetic code is a real code in the same vein as Morse code.

In the genetic code mRNA codons REPRESENT their respective amino acids. The mRNA codons do NOT chemically transform into the amino acids via a series of chemical reactions. THAT is the abstraction.

Also the genetic code is arbitrary in that it is NOT determined by physics and chemistry.

Even Larry Moran says there is a Real Genetic Code, which he compares to Morse code.

Alleged molecular biologist John Mercer is an imbecile for not understanding this. Even high school biology students know it.

ETA- It seems that the morons over on Peaceful Science are conflating DNA for the code.


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